Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Currently my desktop is at Best Buy for a new power supply. Twice, the Geek Squad tried to sell me a year of tech support and virus scan for $199. Seriously? Tech support for what? I didn't fall for it. And I'm not taking my computer back there anymore.

Yesterday was rough. I went in to work early for a meeting. Turns out the room had changed to a different building and no one bothered to tell me except in an email, which I didn't come in early enough to check. I hate being late for meetings, especially meetings with Headquarters analysts, but my boss still wanted me to go, so I showed up 10 minutes late. I have a meeting at the beginning of my shift today. I hope to make it in to work early enough to check my email today in case it moved.

The photos from the rest of SXSW are on my desktop, and I'm using my laptop right now, so I plan on continuing this post later tonight. But I will leave you with some photos from Devo on March 27, 2011 at ACL Live at the Moody Theater. It was a great show and they were awesome. It was my first time to see them. These pictures are taken from general admission.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

On a personal note

I miss my dog. She is at my parent's house right now and I haven't had time to go get her. I'm going tomorrow, no matter how early I need to get up. Also, I lost 7.2 lbs in April. Right on target. Yay me!

SXSW Day 1

So on Wednesday, 3/16/2011, we started off at Beauty Bar for the second half of Ty Segall. After that we stayed there for the Obits.

After that we headed over to La Zona Rosa to get in line for the awesome Rolling Stone party lineup. Started with Beast Make Bomb. I had never heard them before. They were alright.

Next up was J Mascis. This show was really great. I had never heard any of his solo stuff. I really, really liked it alot.

Next up was Mini Mansions. I didn't actually get any photos from this show. They were interesting though. I've never seen a band where the drummer is the lead singer and he actually stands at the front of the stage playing drums. The Black Angels were up next. I was already a pretty big Black Angels fan and have seen them a handful of times. They did not disappoint. They put on a really great show. And then of course, last but not least, Queens of the Stone Age. I had never seen them live before. Wow. I am such a fan now. I was unaware Josh Homme was such a dirty guy. And I don't mean his hygiene. And I got to watch the show with one of my best friends who is a HUGE QOTSA fan. :)

Wednesday was a very long day, and I managed not to get hammered.